What is Consignment?

Simply, we sell your items and split the money it sold for...

Payment Terms

We pay generously. As high as 60% if it sells quickly...

What We Sell

Stylish Furniture and Home Decor.. Newer, older, original, reconditioned...


Sign Up or Stop By

Automated online or visit us and we'll sign you up and take a look at your pieces... Read More

Send Pics

We start with pics of larger items. Smaller items you can bring to the store midweek for a live decision... Read More

Schedule Drop Off

Depending on space available in the store and your schedule we coordinate bringing it in... Read More

Track Your Sales Online

Use our Consignor Portal to track sales activity, inventory and manage your profile... Read More

Get Paid

We write checks at the end of each month for balances over $25. Use your credit at any time for in-store purchases... Read More

Returns and Donations

If your item doesn't find a new home we call you to come pick it up. If you simply don't want it we donate it... Read More